Multi-Screen Audience Data Powers Unified Audience Targeting, Insights and Optimization

YuMe's Multi-Screen Audience SDKs allow publishers to increase monetization
opportunities across all consumer apps and services. Advertisers can consistently reach the same consumer across screens and devices with customized and highly relevant ads.

Unified audience targeting is table stakes in cross-device marketing

The proliferation of consumer video access technologies, devices and services creates challenges to control even the most basic marketing techniques, such as message frequency. Without consistently and accurately identifying the same user across devices, especially with connected TV devices, marketers are left wondering whether they have reached a consumer with too many messages, or the opposite: none at all.

Connecting consumers across screens via embedded SDKs

Our SDKs collect over 200 billion data points annually. This data gives us tremendous visibility into audience characteristics and enables us to deliver brand attention and receptivity no matter what platform the consumer uses.

Our SDKs collect first-party survey data from video viewers. We ask questions that brand advertisers care about and use the answers to inform our data science engine to group consumers into scalable audience segments.

Proprietary targeting and high quality audience data delivers more relevant ads

Our multi-screen SDK delivers video ads that are more relevant to users, providing superior brand experiences for viewers and strong campaign results for advertisers.


Our unique and custom SDKs are developed specifically for each platform. Our SDKs allow us to extract data from each device, while also tracking and collecting observed behavioral data across the entire YuMe Marketplace.

Fighting automated traffic and improving brand engagement

As consumers continue to adopt new devices and services, there is an associated increase in opportunities for automated traffic. Malicious players and bots can misrepresent themselves to users, devices or advertising engagements on new or emerging platforms. It is often difficult to control suspicious activity and ensure high viewability and consumer engagement.

The YuMe multi-screen SDK works behind the scenes, raising the bar on suspicious activity detection and prevention, especially in the burgeoning connected TV (CTV) device market.


The YuMe SDK enables publishers to provide truly engaging and interactive advertising that connects with consumers. We offer customized and scalable interactive advertising units across all devices, including CTV. Advertisers can access the highest quality data to target users at a known frequency, with highly relevant and engaging advertisements, on a consumer's preferred screen and device.