• To View or Not to View?

    Viewability has become an issue of concern for many advertisers, and while standards and metrics are amidst debate across the industry, there is still very little known or understood around the impact of device on the viewability of advertising. To help address this lack of insight, YuMe and Nielsen have partnered to explore the influence of devices, namely mobile and connected television, on the relationship between advertising that is served to a viewer as being viewable or that is attended to (viewed). For the first time, traditional viewability metrics like “view time’ and ‘percent in v...

  • Pre-Roll Is The Most Informative And Engaging Video Ad Format, According To Scientific Media Trial

    As brands continue to identify the most impactful video advertising formats, pre-roll remains a solid, formidable platform. Compared to mid-roll and outstream, pre-roll is considered the least interruptive across mobile, most engaging, and has the highest value exchange. In addition, coupling a pre-roll ad with a less robust ad format, such as outstream, can boost ad recal significantly.

  • 2016 Device Usage for Three Ethnicities in the U.S.

    YuMe research performed an analysis of New Media Measure US population data to understand ethnicity differences from three sub populations (Asian American, African American and Hispanic). Data pull is focused on device ownership, usage and multitasking data.

  • Cross-Media Ad Effectiveness Study

    IAB conducted a study to answer ongoing industry questions around the efficacy of cross-media ad campaigns. The study set out to prove whether or not including desktop and mobile ads in a multiplatform ad campaign improves brand impact and if so, by how much. The study further sought to parse out the impacts of each digital media format both individually and in combination with other media formats to give a total picture of digital's brand impact on cross media ad campaigns.

  • 'Seeing Is Believing' for Virtual Reality and Immersive Technologies

    More than half of consumers who have experience immersive technology, including virtual reality, believe it's the "next big thing". Immersive advertising garners higher engagement and brand approval, while consumers express interest in additional interactive content.

  • Connected TV Device Ownership and Usage

    A survey poll to provide insights into connected TV device ownership, usage and attitudes around advertising in the UK, Spain, France, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil and Chile.

  • No Downtime: A Survey on Teen Digital Activity

    In March 2016, we surveyed approximately 500 US teens aged 13-17 on video viewing habits in the past week. Our questions focused on type of devices used, average time spent, and watching activity by time of day.